All the different yarn weights explained

All the different yarn weights explained

What are yarn weights and why do they matter?

Yarn weights play a crucial role in determining the outcome of your knitting or crochet project. They refer to the thickness or diameter of the yarn strand, which affects the drape, texture, and overall appearance of the finished piece. By understanding the different yarn weights available, you can make informed decisions about which yarn to choose for your next project.

What are the different yarn weight categories?

Yarn weights are typically categorized into seven main categories, ranging from lace weight to jumbo. These categories are standardized by the Craft Yarn Council, allowing crafters to easily identify and compare yarns.

Let's explore each yarn weight category:

1. Lace Weight:

Shop all our lace-weight yarns here. Lace weight yarn is the finest and thinnest yarn available. It is perfect for delicate and lightweight projects such as shawls, doilies, and intricate lace patterns. It is often used with smaller needle or hook sizes to create intricate stitch definition.

Our lace weight MYPZ yarns:

2. Fingering/sock Weight (extrafine):

Shop all our sock/fingering weight yarns here. Fingering weight yarn is slightly thicker than lace weight. It is commonly used for lightweight garments, socks, and accessories. Its versatility makes it a popular choice for intricate colorwork and detailed stitch patterns.

Our fingering/sock weight MYPZ yarns:

3. Sport Weight (fine):

Sport weight yarn is a medium-fine yarn that provides a balance between lightweight and warmth. It is ideal for lightweight sweaters, baby garments, and accessories. Its smooth texture and excellent stitch definition make it a pleasure to work with.

Our sport weight yarns: 

4. DK/Light worsted Weight (light):

Shop all our DK yarns here. Light worsted weight yarn is one of the most commonly used yarn weights. It is versatile and suitable for a wide range of projects, including afghans, scarves, hats, and garments. It offers a good balance between warmth and drape, making it a favorite among knitters and crocheters.

Our DK-weight MYPZ yarns:

5. Aran/Worsted Weight (medium):

You can find all our Aran/worsted weight yarns here. Aran weight yarn is a medium-weight yarn that falls between the lighter worsted weight and the heavier bulky weight yarns. It is named after the Aran Islands in Ireland, where fishermen traditionally used this type of yarn to create warm and durable sweaters. Aran weight yarn is known for its versatility and is suitable for a wide range of projects.

6. Bulky Weight (we call it chunky):

Shop all our bulky weight here. Bulky weight yarn is thicker and heavier than worsted weight. It works up quickly and is perfect for cozy blankets, winter accessories, and chunky sweaters. Its thickness adds warmth and creates a bold, textured look.

Our Bulky (chunky) weight yarns:

7. Super Bulky Weight:

Super bulky weight yarn is the thickest and heaviest yarn available. It is perfect for quick and satisfying projects such as thick blankets, scarves, and hats. Its chunky nature creates a cozy and warm fabric.

8. Jumbo Weight:

Jumbo weight yarn is the ultimate in thickness and weight. It is typically used for statement pieces, such as oversized blankets and home decor items. Due to its size, it works up incredibly fast, allowing you to complete projects in no time.

How do yarn weights affect your project?

The choice of yarn weight has a significant impact on the final outcome of your project. Thinner yarns, such as lace weight and fingering weight, create delicate and lightweight fabrics, while thicker yarns, like bulky and jumbo weight, produce warm and chunky textures.

Additionally, the recommended needle or hook size for each yarn weight affects the stitch definition and overall appearance of the project. Using the recommended tools ensures that your stitches are even and the fabric has the desired drape.


Understanding yarn weights is essential for any knitting or crochet enthusiast. By familiarizing yourself with the different yarn weight categories and their characteristics, you can confidently choose the perfect yarn for your next project. Whether you're creating a delicate lace shawl or a cozy chunky blanket, the right yarn weight will help you achieve the desired result.

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