What's the difference in quality of an acrylic yarn and high quality mohair yarn?

What's the difference in quality of an acrylic yarn and high quality mohair yarn?

The main difference between acrylic yarn and high-quality mohair yarn lies in their composition and properties. Acrylic yarn is typically cheaper and made from synthetic fibers, offering durability, easy care, and affordability. However, it might lack the softness and luxurious feel of higher-end yarns.

On the other hand, mohair yarn is derived from the Angora goat's hair, known for its softness, warmth, and luxurious texture. Mohair yarn tends to be lighter, warmer, and more delicate than acrylic yarn, offering a higher quality and often a higher price due to its natural origin and premium qualities. The specific quantity of yarn needed for a project can vary based on factors like the weight, thickness, and pattern used.

What happens to these yarns when you wear it a lot?

The longevity and how well yarn stays beautiful largely depend on the quality of the material and how it's cared for. In general, high-quality mohair yarn tends to maintain its beauty for a longer time compared to cheap acrylic yarn.

Mohair has natural properties that often make it more resistant to pilling and stretching, retaining its shape and beauty over time. However, proper care, such as handwashing or following the manufacturer's instructions, is crucial for preserving the beauty of both types of yarn. Acrylic yarn might be more prone to pilling and wear over time, but with good care, it can also maintain its appearance reasonably well.

What happens to acrylic yarn when you wear it a lot?

When acrylic yarn is worn frequently, especially in high-friction areas like elbows or heels, it tends to pill, which means small, fuzzy balls form on the surface of the fabric. This is a common occurrence with acrylic yarn due to the nature of the synthetic fibers. Additionally, it may also lose some of its original shape and softness over time with frequent wear and washing.

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